Mentores is a social enterprise established in 2014 in the fields of culture, education and tourism. The founders of Mentores are well experienced with events planning and management, including workshops, social and cultural projects in Ellas and abroad. Professionalism, extroversion, ingenuity and sensitivity towards social happenings are key elements of Mentores’ activities.

Mentores was created to support social and cultural integration, cross-cultural dialogue, non-formal artistic, entrepreneurial, environmental and civic education addressed to children and youths and—where appropriate—to adults and senior citizens. The activities are focused on educational/pedagogical interventions, artistic shows and performances, promotional and participatory athletic and physical activity events, awareness raising campaigns and special actions for the protection of cultural heritage, environment and traditional products and organization of alternative touristic packages for diverse social groups.

Fields of enrollment

  • Cultural and resource attracking events
  • Festivals and exhibitions
  • Actions for social intervention and social entrepreneurship
  • Information and dissemination services for agencies and the public
  • Publications
  • Management of exchanges and mobility for education
  • Services for tourism training
  • Training, management and evaluation of European Commission projects
  • Organization of stagecraft workshops: theatrical costumes, puppetry, masks, art with discarded or natural materials et al.
  • Organization of workshops for elocution, narration, creative reading, acting, expression and communication
  • Production of movies, animated cartoons, digital media, printed works and books, illustrated scripts, lyrics, dramatization of myths and literature.