My e-Wallet

My e-Wallet concerns an information initiative of the Social Enterprise Mentores. It is implemented in the framework of the “Points of Support” Programme funded by John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, in partnership with TIMA Charitable Foundation and Hellenic Hope Charity. The project is addressed to elderly and retired citizens and it is realized in collaboration with the Municipality of Larissa and other agencies from the Thessaly region.

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Seniors On Reciprocal Tourism (SORT)


SORT refers to the abbreviation of the Seniors on Reciprocal Tourism title. It concerns a multilateral project with 7 EU partners from South Eastern Europe. The central idea is to design, trial, evaluate, document, diffuse and valorize a new touristic package and service for tourists over 55 years old.

The main objective is to facilitate the mobility of the elderly towards the partners’ local communities by giving them the properties of a wanderer-guest, as well as of a volunteer.

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The European Crisis has had a severe effect on the youth, who now struggle to recover due to the high unemployment in their age group. The newborn social cooperative enterprise (SCE) Mentores will attempt to face unemployment through the project Ho-Ma, which will generate the most convenient environment for the program Youth Guarantee to take place and will create an informal, yet functional, network of youth workers and youth professionals who will have been trained properly under the framework of Ho-Ma.

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The Rise and Fall of Trenches


The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I is one of the priorities set by the Citizens Programme (strand 1, European Remembrance) for the year 2014. In an attempt to contribute to the commemoration, Mentores proposes the project The Rise and Fall of Trenches, which illuminates the global conflict that gave a completely new shape to the geographical, ideological and cultural map of Europe, let alone the numerous casualties in all its member states. The project engaged more than 200 persons from Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Italy and Greece.

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Language is more than mere communication; it is a tool for thinking, for the intelligentsia, for culture and history. Linguistic poverty has always been around the youth, thought not limited. The project Lexipedia contributes to the linguistic education of teenagers and the development of their vocabulary in a highly attractive way. The project motivates students, educators and agencies in Greece, Hungary and Romania. It aims to plan, realize and assess a vocabulary bee, with contestants high-school students between the ages of 13 and 14.

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