February 2015 – July 2015


The European Crisis has had a severe effect on the youth, who now struggle to recover due to the high unemployment in their age group. The newborn social cooperative enterprise (SCE) Mentores will attempt to face unemployment through the project Ho-Ma, which will generate the most convenient environment for the program Youth Guarantee to take place and will create an informal, yet functional, network of youth workers and youth professionals who will have been trained properly under the framework of Ho-Ma.

Forty-two youth workers or youth professionals will be selected to participate in a ten-day long workshop in Elassona (Thessaly). In this workshop, the participants will:

  • Develop their communication and social skills
  • Obtain skills for strategic design following the requirements of the new European reality.
  • Familiarize with new methods of assessment of a short-term educational project with a social and European dimension
  • Familiarize with the management of hosting youth groups, like youth exchanges
  • Determine, develop and solidify relations of multicultural collaboration in the youth field.
  • Valorize the content and the meaning of the Youth Guarantee scheme
  • Learn how to apply a Youth Guarantee model in youth exchange projects based on four forms of occupation: Training, Education, Internship and Labor
  • Engage themselves in the long-term promotion of the Youth Guarantee scheme in their local communities.
  • Improve their capacity to realize and assess practical creative workshops with predetermined outputs within exchange projects involving young participants
  • Become more efficient in completing a YouthPass certificate for the young participants of international exchange projects.

The network members will be functioning more efficiently as mentors and multipliers in favor of the Youth Guarantee program. They will catalyst the entry of the youth to the labor market and they will promote mobility and youth exchange on a pan-European level.

All participants will be granted a YouthPass certificate.


Hosting Management in Youth Exchange

Όλυμπος, ΚΕΟΑΧ, Ευρωπαϊκό πρόγραμμα Erasmus+ για τον τομέα της Νεολαίας, και τίτλο “Hosting Management in Youth Exchange”, που διοργανώθηκε από τον Αστικό Κοινωνικό Συνεταιρισμό «Μέντορες», 27 Απριλίου 2015