January 2015 – June 2016



The 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I is one of the priorities set by the Citizens Programme (strand 1, European Remembrance) for the year 2014. In an attempt to contribute to the commemoration, Mentores proposes the project The Rise and Fall of Trenches, which will illuminate the global conflict that gave a completely new shape to the geographical, ideological and cultural map of Europe, let alone the numerous casualties in all its member states.

The project engaged a number of participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Italy and Greece. More than 200 persons haveform local working groups in all partner countries and create physical artistic works, essays and educational materials, all focused on or related to the theme of WWI, answering to the general question “which were the general terms that contributed to the rise of Fascism and Nazism then and are there any similar terms in EU today”.

In addition, the project celebrated the anniversary of the end of WWI by organizing a transnational meeting with participants from all project partners and by employing a theatrical play documenting the War. More than 30 amateur actors participated, including the partners’ participants. Additionally, the entire work of the partners’ local working groups will be presented to the others and to the local public.

A number of citizens of different EU member states has been  informed on WWI and will develop a new historical approach in combination with a modern European dimension. Yet, given the importance of dissemination, availability of the outputs and materials is regarded as important as other parts of the project.




Download the RIFATRE book: RIFATRE_book.pdfRIFATRE book





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